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The latest on Christina and Tarek Split!

After spending many many hours binge watching flip or flop with my wife – thinking this family had something special, it’s all coming into focus what really happened!

The nastiness surrounding this split is getting worse by the day and one side seems to be coming out ahead in the situation.  Both in how she’s handling it – as well as how she’s getting over it.

The next few months will continue to provide lots of fireworks I’m sure.  Most notably what will happen to the most recent season of the show, will it continue, and what will the legacy be of this show that was at one time must watch TV for my wife and me!

In the meantime – it appears that Christina is doing her best to care for her kids and take them out on the town – despite all the negativity surrounding her relationship!

This is from her Instagram feed where she took her daughter to the All Star Chefs contest in LA over the weekend.


Meanwhile – her ex doesn’t seem to be getting over these things as easily!

He’s posted some negative things on friends social media accounts and since then deleted the comments.

It’ll be interesting to see how the rest of the series plays out.

Hopefully for my wife and my binge watching needs they will be able to figure out a way to get through this and continue to give us the people what we want!

In the mean time I suppose we’ll switch over to a different show and continue to binge watch!

There’s always another show I suppose!

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