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Embarrasing Pics

Your Guns Make Me Sick


Not every girl is impressed by your Hulk-Hogan guns. Flexing at everything that has boobs does not always lead to the most positive of results. Sure, it looks like this guy might work out, and might be able to curl more than 15 lbs. But the girl is not impressed. In fact, his macho attitude is making her sick! What better way to show her displeasure AND get rid of the guy than puking as he flexes?

Bikini Is On… Time For A Back Handspring



Now that’s she’s got a bikini on, which has always been known for its die-hard breast support, it’s time for her to try that back handspring she’s wanted to do… if only she had practiced beforehand…

Things Can Get Lost


With a booty of that magnitude, it’s not surprising that some things can get lost in the mix… namely, her panties. Once in a while, it’s necessary to pull them out if they’ve disappeared from view!

Jimmy Likes It Classy


Jimmy Fallon looks like he’s going out of his way not to stare at that cheerleader who’s striking a decidedly un-ladylike pose… the guy diagonally behind him, not so much. Actually, THAT guy is loving it!

Thanks For The Clarification


We never would have guessed which one of these girls was getting married and which ones were the bridesmaids if they hadn’t flashed us their panties. Thanks for looking out, girls!

It Took Us A While



Once we figured out what this was, we thought “oh, that’s cute,” but for the few seconds before we did, we asked ourselves “why is that butt so hairy?”

The Sizing Chart Was Incorrect


That’s really the only explanation we have that makes sense, the sizing chart was incorrect. Is it possible that there’s an entire women’s sports team that loves wedgies? Maybe so…

Give It!


Some girls want it, and they want it now! This guy is in heaven as he tames this duck-faced cheetah. It seems to be working, she looks like she’s in ecstasy! We’re actually very impressed considering this guy looks barely out of diapers. He’s definitely still in middle school, no matter what you tell us to the contrary! Quack, quack!

Okay, Baby, Now Flip!


Practice, practice, practice! That’s the only way you’ll ever learn how to do a flip! You might have to land on your head a few times before you learn the mechanics behind flipping and develop your technique. Unfortunately, this guy didn’t get the memo that you should not practice flipping while drunk. Worse yet, the girl didn’t get the memo that this guy was going to help her practice flipping at this night club. It ended up being one of those land-on-your-head lessons for the girl.

Kissing Like A Frenchman


Ooooo… sexy! This is the epitome of romance. They must have taken a vacation to France and been so inspired by the love pervading the air, that they couldn’t control themselves, leading to this public display of affection. Guys, take note! This is what a French kiss should look like! Elegant, romantic and sexy! The girl he’s kissing is obviously enjoying it immensely. She’s definitely coming back for more!

Sandwich of Nastiness


A friend of mine looked at this picture and said, “man, that girl sure regrets getting herself into that sandwich!” I’m not so convinced. What I see is two guys getting into it on the dance floor with a beautiful chick, and she’s showing us her oh-face. That’s not displeasure you see, but her in the throes of ecstasy. You should see what she looks like when she’s disgusted… Now, THAT’S disturbing!

Oysters Anyone?


In the battle between mussels and oysters, the oyster wins every time! This girl here should be ridiculed for her oyster selfie, but she won’t be… because she’s hot! And we mean really hot! She’s welcome to take any other pictures of anything, ANYWHERE she wants!

If we may suggest some new poses for her impromptu photoshoot: a south-to-north landscape shot of the canyon with the imposing twin peaks in the background; or maybe a close-up of the dewey valley in-between the mountains.

Miss America Contestants


Some people are just born beautiful. Meet three ladies who weren’t. And we’re using the term “ladies” loosely, the way these ladies probably are. Just in case you think this picture was taken at just the right (or wrong) time, it has nothing to do with the way these girls look. These are the GOOD faces they make!

We know that sometimes, if you’ve had a bit too much to drink, you’re not exactly on top of your game. You might start making a weird face, or your posture might suffer, or it might even be possible that one of your eyes will start “wandering.” Yeah, these chicks are so smashed, they’re doing all three! That’s a good look for you ladies!

Come On, Baby, Smile For Me!


Well, someone’s having a great time! Either the girl with the dress is extremely smashed, or she’s just pretending she doesn’t know that dude is looking right up there. She’s probably secretly enjoying the whole thing.

And what’s up with the girl up front? Is that the “Peace” sign? Is the the “V for Victory?” Or is she preparing for some exploration… on two fronts?! She seems pretty happy, so we’re thinking it’s the third option. Maybe these people will think twice next time they want to get smashed… then again, maybe not!

Hi, Can I Buy You A Beer?


It took me a second to realize what was happening in this picture on account of the ample cleavage on display. My attention was being funneled into those bulbous dewey valleys. Then I saw it! The dude on the left, stealing a glimpse of Victoria’s secret.

Besides him being a complete perv, I cannot come up with any other explanation for what he might be doing. Did he lose his drink? Nope, it’s still in his hand. What’s extra confusing is whether she knows it or not? Is it possible to not feel someone pull up your skirt like that? I didn’t think it was, but this picture speaks to the contrary. Also, look closely at his forehead, does it look like he’s a bit busted up? Maybe he tried this with someone’s girlfriend earlier in the night…

She’s Our Designated Driver


Or is that the “designated diver… into the pavement”? That chick is sure to wake up in the morning with some nice road rash on her face. No way she could have fallen out of that car and landed safely. Nope, that was all face.

She’s so messed up, she’s not even reacting… probably blacked out. Her friend seems to think it’s funny, and with friends like that, we hope she doesn’t wake up in a ditch. If she does, she should at least wake up with a couple of hundred dollar bills stuffed in her bra.

I’m Just Gonna Nap Here For A Second


Embarrassing photos come in all forms… nip slips, black outs, falls. Here is one of a guy losing his mind and plowing face-first into this storefront window. His friend thinks it’s hilarious, but from the look of the falling dude’s face, it’s not too funny for him.

Faces were not meant to catch your entire weight… the most they were meant for was a good slap from your girlfriend after she found your adult-movie stash. Teenagers could learn a thing or two about excessive drinking from this image, but they won’t because they’re too busy drinking excessively to bring you these awesome pictures!

Yes, None At All!


Some people love tattoos and would never regret getting one… they know exactly what they want, how big, and where to put it. This chick probably has ONE “ragret”… and it’s not taking this picture!

Here’s a tip to all those vocabulary-challenged people out there… when you go get a tattoo of a word, bring a dictionary! Then, right before the artist starts permanently inking your skin, look the word up in the dictionary. If you can’t find it, abort mission! If you do find it, read the definition and make sure, just in case.

Gonna Need A Good Shampooing!


Now THAT’S sexy! Nothing like a smooch with someone puking in the middle! We do have to say, though, that’s bound to be some excellent conditioner running down her hair. Sure, it smells like puke, but it’s full of essential oils and… alcohols?

Hmmm, maybe not. It is gross, though! We’ve never been fans of puking, but we have a feeling that if we puked and it began running down our hair, that would just make us puke again! But stronger! Possibly projectile vomiting.

You Got My Keys?


Don’t you hate losing you keys? Especially in a girl’s cleavage? No, of course you don’t! Not if it’s in a girl’s cleavage! Even this girl thinks the keys might be in there since she’s just smiling away. She was heard asking, “are they there?” and then he answered, “yes, but I still can’t find my keys!”

Looking Good!


Wow! That’s a really great look for her! You should see what she really looks like! Yikes! She’s very photogenic, isn’t she? I would like to tell you that this picture was taken at the wrong moment (or the right moment, depending on your perspective), but that is not the case. Honestly, this is one of the best pictures this girl has ever taken. I’m not sure what everyone is laughing at, but I think it’s a great look for her.

And Up We Go!


This definitely looks interesting. I’m 99% sure these girls are practicing some sort of cheerleading routine, and I’m cheering! I would like to see the final position they get into with this. I am a little confused about what the dark haired girl is doing. It’s odd that her hands are wrapped around the wrist of the girl doing the lifting. It’s difficult to guess what task she’s about to perform.

You Had Me At “GAG!”


Some people have useless talents. This is NOT one of those. I could find a few uses for her skill and they all involve [CENSORED] with a bag of maraschino cherries and a big [CENSORED]. To tell you the truth, if I was a chick (which I’m not) and I had an embarrassing photo like this one on the internet (the verdict is still out on any embarrassing photos of me), I think I would have to be proud of this picture. It might be embarrassing, but everyone is familiar with your work, and that’s a good thing.

Riding Cargo Class


Who needs First Class, Business Class, or even Coach when you can ride Cargo Class? This fat bastard has it down pat! He’s got his bed made, his clothes are off, and he’s fast asleep! Buuuut, it seems like he’s about to forget his sandals! Not a good thing to show up in a different down with no foot wear. On top of everything, has no one noticed that this guy is sleeping in the cargo hold of the bus? Oh wait, it looks like this is Russia. Never mind.

Going For Gold!


This looks like the newest routine for the Winter Olympics’ Pairs Figure Skating event! The question is, why would they be practicing during a night out on the town? Oh, yeah, alcohol. Judging by what I see here, and I have to admit I do not know that much about figure skating, this girl is going to go home with pavement burns on her head. But it’s all for the greater good of winning a gold medal. Remember what they say, “no pain, no gain!”

There Was A Girl Dressed As The Tooth Fairy


I don’t even know what to think of this picture. It’s pretty embarrassing and the guy should try to get it off the internet as quickly as possible. Seriously, is it a joke or something? It doesn’t even look real… there’s no blood coming out of that open socket in his mouth. Truly, truly disgusting. Moving on now…

Well, The Girls Look Good…


Your guess is as good as our as to what the hell that guy is doing in the background. We have a couple of theories, but they all involve substances that alter your perception of reality. It’s possible that he’s been challenged to do the hardest pushups known to man, after drinking 13 Train Wrecks. The second possibility is he’s high on a mix of pharmaceuticals and going through an epileptic fit. The girls look fabulous, though.

It’s the D O Dub!


Snoop D O Double G loves the ladies so much, he doesn’t care about being caught on camera gawking. We wouldn’t care too much either if we were standing next to these hotties. Coming straight out of Compton and going right to the Playboy mansion, Snoop must have had a blast! Afterwards, he decided to take these four ladies down to the grotto for a little extracurricular activity. Hey, he’s Snoop Dogg! Woof!

Your Prayers Will Not Be Answered


It all began earlier in the night when she said, “sure, I’ll have a bottle of Jaegermeister.” The next thing she knew, she had an undeniable urge to confess her sins to the porcelain god. Her prayers went unanswered, and she fell asleep. In the frickin’ toilet. No, I don’t mean, “in the bathroom!” No, that would be just a regular day for this girl. On this particular night, she fell asleep with her head literally “in the toilet!” Yummy! She probably woke up in the morning wondering what was that strange taste in her mouth. It was poo.

U Poopin’? Don’t Mind Me!


When you need to go, you really need to go… take a selfie! This guy just couldn’t wait for his friend to pinch off a loaf, and just had to capture this selfie before it was too late.

I Should Have Taken Up Badminton


Everyone has that one regret… That thing you wish you had done instead of what you really did do! This picture captures that exact realization on this guy’s face (the dude in the dark clothes). Well, in fact, the picture seems to capture the exact same realization on the other guy’s face, too (the dude with the red clothes)! Both of them are thinking, “why am I practicing this sport?!?”

Get A Grip On The Competition


It’s always good to get a grip on the competition early in the game, but this is just ridiculous! It makes us want to play women’s basketball if this is what a regular game looks like. We would say she’s handling too many balls, but we only see one.

Also, for the amount of activity seen in this picture… which we can safely assume was a very heated exchange… the woman standing seems awfully calm in the middle of a play. It’s not like she can see someone dribbling the ball in front of her… no, it’s behind! Why are you so comfortable with people handling your roast beef sandwich?

Seems I Forgot Your Carnation


Yup, it looks like I forgot to get you a carnation, but just to be sure, let me check. Dress, check. Breasts, check. Carnation… No, I don’t see one. Wait, I reeeally have to make sure I didn’t get one… Umm… [drool]… Nope, no carnation. After seeing ten thousand of similar pics, you would think that girls would at least assume you’re going to check them out while posing for a picture, but no, they don’t. Or maybe they do, and they secretly enjoy it. I like that explanation a lot more.

Holy Bolly!


We’re happy to see that Bollywood has learned its lesson from Hollywood and has decided to take a classier approach to the entertainment industry. Or not. This pic is anything but classy. The woman here is unimpressed with the guy’s technique, and we don’t blame her. It doesn’t seem like he knows what he’s doing. The best thing to do here would be to fire the clueless photographer and start over.

I Know What You Did Last Minute


The bad news is, you’ve got some toilet paper stuck to your high heeled shoe, and you’re out in public, dressed really nice. The good news is, the skid mark on the toilet paper is currently facing down towards the ground. This has probably happened to almost everyone, but it still makes us laugh out loud seeing this. Maybe it because it’s happened to us before that we find it so funny. Or maybe we just love laughing at other people’s misery. Just check your shoes before leaving the bathroom!

Marrying Into High Society


Every girl dreams of marrying a prince and moving up in society. Before you is an example of what happens when a princess marries into a family on the lower end of the social scale, and is then abandoned by her wealthy family. Whatever they’re doing sure looks like fun, but it’s bound to get you kicked out of a White House dinner party. Wait a minute, maybe not. That guy in the middle looks like this one Secret Service agent I once saw!

No, Not You


Talk to the hand! Drunk people usually think they can be in any picture being taken. Problem is, nobody wants them in it. That’s what happened to this drunk fool, and now the entire internet has seen it!

The girl in purple looks very happy to keep him out. All she wanted was a nice picture with her friend, who seems oblivious to everything going on. Of course, no one was expecting the stealthy photobomb perfectly executed by the guy in back. Well played, sir, well played.

I… Uh… Wow


Some breasts are just hypnotizing and will make you forget whatever you were doing as you were doing it. This guy was so mesmerized he completely forgot where he was, and even WHO he was.

She looks pretty surprised that her boobs would gather such attention. We can tell she’s surprised but happy at the same time. It’s nice to be the object of someone’s lust. We wonder if he had a speedy excuse for staring at her chest, or whether he just went ahead and sampled the goods?

Swiping Right On Tinder


Multitasking is great and all and will probably help you find a job… that being said, it’s possible to take multitasking TOO FAR! Here is an example of that. Dude! The girl is kissing you while you dance and her breasts are pressed against you. Is it really necessary to check your latest junk email newsletter? I know your phone has that red circle notification, but just let it go, man, let it go!

Tag Me In, Bro!


Behold the face of a guy who’s just discovered he might be gay. I have never seen that expression on ANY guy who enjoyed grinding with a girl. Off to Grindr it is for you, lover boy. Don’t worry, you’ll find your match in no time and you’ll be having a great old time in the 3rd stall of the men’s bathroom at the local Denny’s. Don’t forget the milkshake on your way out… with whipped cream, of course.

Now That’s Some Stank!


I bet you that when this baby grows up, he’ll look back through all his baby pictures, and this one you see before you will be his favorite. But that’s only if he grows up, which I doubt will happen considering how he just fell asleep… or should I say “passed out?” The good news, he’s not turning blue, yet. The bad news, I’m not sure, how long after he passed out, that this picture was taken. Let’s just hope he wakes up. If he does, he’ll probably be smelling that stank for a while.

Night At The Roxbury


These guys went in and auditioned for roles in the movie Night at the Roxbury but sadly got no call backs. We’re confused as to why. That movie could have used a few more fools. Channeling their best Chris Kattan, we’re positive these guys went home with a bad case of whiplash. It’s not that they look bad in this picture, it’s just that they look frickin’ terrible!

I’m Drunk But Not THAT Drunk!


Dude, you ARE that drunk! Your face is redder than Rupert Grint after 12 hours in the California sun. Maybe he’s not drunk, though… maybe she’s choking the life right out of him. She’s got the strength, and if he said something wrong, she might not be afraid to use it!

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